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X2Net SmartBoard - Save 15%

Category: System Utilities

Publisher: X2Net Limited

X2Net SmartBoard

X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful multiuser clipboard extender. It captures everything that passes through the clipboard as you copy and paste in all apps, stores regularly used data, and makes it very simple to categorise, find and retrieve. You normally do not need to use the Paste command in the application you are working in, SmartBoard does it all for you! Or you can use drag and drop to put data in other applications. A Paste-Anyplace popup menu also allows you to quickly access your text items when working in any application. Scripting capability and rule processing allow you to extend its functionality in the way you want, using almost any scripting language you want including Perl, VBScript, JScipt, Python and others. Ideal for sharing common simple data around your network. Ideal for use in a Terminal Services environment.

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