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Financial Advisor for Excel (Full) - Save 15%

Category: Business Finance

Publisher: Model Advisor

Financial Advisor for Excel (Full)

Financial Advisor for Excel has 73 financial calculators that will simplify basic financial calculations, saving you time and effort.
These calculators can work for all sorts of different evaluations for cash flows, loans, investments, future values, rates of return, financial analyses and personal finances.
You only need to enter the data as required and the calculators automatically give you the results.
Our calculators have a professionally impressive design, are flexible with sensitivity tables and offer charts and help notes to make them easy to use and understand.

In this new version 4.2.4 of Financial Advisor for Excel ( Full Version):

  • Formulas on the Payment Schedule page have been verified.

Use this Full Access Version to unlock the sheets and customize the formulas as you want.
If you do not need to analyze or customize the models, you need to buy the standard version. Check our web site for a version in your language.

Financial Advisor for Excel (full) is part of Model Assistant Suite, wherefore, if you purchase this product you will be able to upgrade to it, paying only the difference. Do you need a simpler tool? Try FinanCalc for Excel.

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