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CPR Test Bank w/ VOA - Save 15%

Category: Kids

Publisher: Less Stress Instructional Services

CPR Test Bank w/ VOA

This product tests comprehensive knowledge of Basic Life Support. Each 20 questions section provides a challenge to the user' s knowledge in a detailed multiple choice format. Sections include airway, breathing, circulation, defibrillation, early recognition of heart attacks and strokes, scenarios, and ' professional rescuer' . There is also a section of "Instructor Stumper" questions designed to test instructors on subtle facts and lesser known elements of the program. Enclosed at no cost in this package is the demo of VOA, the Variable Outcome Algorhithm. This is an interactive CPR patient who reacts randomly to treatment. Use your AED to shock him into normal sinus once, but next time you treat him you may see asystole or PEA. The pateitn does something different every time! Great program for preparing for a CPR renewal, for use during a class, or by staff development coordinators at medical facilities. Great for EMT' s, paramedics, nurses, and anyone who has taken a CPR course.

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