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A-PDF Quizzer 15% Discount Coupon

A-PDF Quizzer

Normally: $39.00

Now only: $33.15

A-PDF Quizzer is flexible and effective quiz maker software that helps to build multiple types quizzes and publish online. The powerful A-PDF Quizzer provides different quiz types for you to choose, True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Fill in the Blank etc. With using A-PDF Quizzer, you are also able to add images for each question, and publish the created test on your website instantly. A-PDF Quizzer provides wizard-like interfaces for you to create quizzes and services with ease, and it doesn' t require any technique knowledge. All you need to do is just presenting your questions and answers directly.

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Android Video Protector 15% Discount Coupon

Android Video Protector

Normally: $120.00

Now only: $102.00

On your Android Tablet or Phone, Do you have a few sensitive videos that you want to keep secret? Do you want to distribute some videos on Android Platform, but you only want some people your specified to view this video, and others can' t view this video? Android Video Protector is the solution to help you to meet this requirement. Encryption to keep your sensitive videos security Use a password to protect video sharing on Android Platform

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Bingo Card Maker 15% Discount Coupon

Bingo Card Maker

Normally: $29.95

Now only: $25.46

Bingo Card Maker is an easy to use tool for creating and printing custom and random bingo cards. It is especially useful for teachers and parents to make educational bingo cards for students and children. It can also be used to make entertaiment bingo cards.

There are about 200 bingo sample lists in Bingo Card Maker and users can directly use them to make bingo cards. What' s more, users can easily create, save and print their own bingo cards. Font name and font size of bingo cards is changeable for each bingo cards, and users can also print multi bingo cards in one paper to save money.

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Demonstration Screen 15% Discount Coupon

Demonstration Screen

Normally: $15.00

Now only: $12.75

The Demonstration Screen software demonstrates to all students what is happening on the teacher' s PC in real time. The product makes screenshots of the teacher PC' s monitor (full screen or active window) automatically with intervals of 1 second to 1 hour or manually by PrintScreen button and demonstrates all screenshots to all students. It works in a local network or over the Internet and supports up to 100 users simultaneously. You can record all screenshots into an archive, also, each screenshot may be saved as a graphic file and printed out. The full-screen mode allows for student to feel as if he(she) is sitting in front of the teacher' s monitor. You can send any text messages to your students and they .... read more

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Der Schreibtrainer - 10 Finger Maschinenschreiben 20% Discount Coupon

Der Schreibtrainer - 10 Finger Maschinenschreiben

Normally: $23.00

Now only: $18.40

Der Schreibtrainer ist eines der besten Lernprogramme fuer das 10 Fingersystem

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FlashPoint 15% Discount Coupon


Normally: $120.00

Now only: $102.00

FlashPoint is a powerful PowerPoint plug-in that convert PowerPoint to flash presentations, It is easy to use and provides accurate, small sized, file conversions. The converted Flash file is smaller, secure, and in a streaming media format that' s ideal for posting presentations to websites, intranets or for creating self-running CD-ROMs.Supports MS Office PowerPoint 2007. Key Features: 1.Accurate Conversion: FlashPoint supports 99% animation styles, transitions, effects, 14+ shapes, table, chart 2.Supports WAV to MP3 conversion: FlashPoint supports wav to mp3 conversion, this feature let you reduce the file size dramatically, and the output flash file size can be as small as 5% of its original PowerPoint file. .... read more

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IQ Test Trainer 60% Discount Coupon

IQ Test Trainer

Normally: $29.95

Now only: $11.98

Iq Test Trainer- train your intelligence and become a genius ! Train your intelligence with this powerful software based on neurophysiological mechanism called Backpropagation. Improve your IQ test score, memory and attention. Average IQ test score increases up to 150%. The package also contains Memory Trainer, software for photographic memory development.

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Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard 35% Discount Coupon

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard

Normally: $49.95

Now only: $32.47

Convert PowerPoint presentations to cute DVD movies for easy playback on DVD players. Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard is an integrated application capable of converting and burning - to help you convert any PPT, PPS, POT, PPTX, PPSX files to standard DVD format, burn directly to a DVD disc, play with a DVD player via TV or projector, and work hassle-free on a different PC. Key Features: Make Cross-platform DVD Movies from PowerPoint Derived from Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro, the Standard edition presents the same powerful capability in creating standard DVD out of your business PPT ads, education PPT stuff, government PPT docs, church PPT sermons, family PPT games, individual PPT collections, etc., which offers a fast .... read more

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Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite 25% Discount Coupon

Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite

Normally: $89.00

Now only: $66.75

Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite of 3 Informative and Resourceful Software. 1.Nationwide Newspaper Database Software with Powerful classified advertising tool features a database of 5,200 newspapers. Discounted nationwide advertising and more... 2.Home Based Business Software with Insiders Step-by-Step Guide to starting and operating a successful M.O. Internet business selling information. 3. MIP Mortgage Insurance Premium Software for learning how to work-at-home as a 3rd Party Government Tracer processing mortgage refunds! With well kept secrets, how to info, tools, forms and resources. This suite of softwares come with full websites packages, tutorial tours and host of advertising, graphics and learning .... read more

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My SpellingBee 15% Discount Coupon

My SpellingBee

Normally: $14.95

Now only: $12.71

My SpellingBee helps children prepare for school spelling tests. Type in your spelling words, record yourself saying each word and then let My SpellingBee quiz you. (If you don' t have a microphone yet to record the words, the computer can say the words for you.) Words can be asked in the order you entered them, in reverse order or random order. My SpellingBee keeps track of the percent you get correct and which words you miss. A results page can be printed allowing you to see your progress. Features: Set Up Multiple Word Lists Record Spelling Words along with a Sentence Demonstrating the Word Optionally Allow the Computer to Pronounce the Spelling Words Check Word Spelling with or without Case Sensitivity .... read more

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