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4-MP3 15% Discount Coupon


Normally: $29.95

Now only: $25.46

4-MP3 is a database created for a storage and search of the information on the collection MP3, WAV, VQF and other sound files. If you have one thousand or more files with music, 4-MP3 will help you precisely to know, that you have. 4-MP3 includes powerful TAG editor, supporting mass edit operation. The unique module Mass Rename will allow you to rename files under any law. You can easily convert TAG to Filename and back. Mass Rename supports all known and unknown ways of renaming files!

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All Pack(office) 35% Discount Coupon

All Pack(office)

Normally: $39.95

Now only: $25.97

Convert Pdf to Xls is the leading Pdf converter, letting you convert the Pdf files into Excel Spreadsheets (Xls) easily and accurately. The professional software gives users the ability to perform the Pdf to Xls conversions instantly, right into formatted Excel Spreadsheets. Pdf documents can be converted to Excel with a click of a button, and users can choose the "Save" option in the Excel menu and save the document as an Xls (Excel) file

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AxelCD 25% Discount Coupon


Normally: $19.95

Now only: $14.96

AxelCD is a very attractive CD Player with slick-looking GUI and various visual effects.

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Melody 7% Discount Coupon


Normally: $10.00

Now only: $9.30

WAV, MPEG, MIDI and AudioCD Player. I wanted to make a beautiful and easy-to-use player. This program doesn' t have the standard grey buttons and doesn' t use double-clicking. I use "Melody" to listen to music both from the hard drive and CDs. The program allows one to play all files from one catalogue and to compose lists of songs from different catalogs.

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Virtual DJ Studio 10% Discount Coupon

Virtual DJ Studio

Normally: $49.95

Now only: $44.96

A virtual mixing console for playing and crossfading mp3 and wav files. Also supports VDJ, M3U, and PLS playlists, and automatically crossfades the songs. Also features SmartRandom, to ensure no repeats during shuffle play. Highly customizable interface.

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