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AthTek Keylogger 10% Discount Coupon

AthTek Keylogger

Normally: $79.00

Now only: $71.10

AthTek Keylogger is widely used for employee monitoring, parental controls or other invisible computer monitoring. It offers the most powerful and complete assortment of monitoring and reporting features. It records all users activity on the computer, and the logs can be sent to you by email. Both local and remote surveillance are supported. Just with several clicks, you are able to monitor the computer as below: *Keystroke Tracker Capture every keystroke, including user name and password. *Instant Messaging Logging Support logging MSN, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and more. *Email Logging Support logging Outlook (POP3/SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc.), Email Attachments. *Web Surfing Recording Record .... read more

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CheapestSoft KidsTime 15% Discount Coupon

CheapestSoft KidsTime

Normally: $19.99

Now only: $16.99

KidsTime is an ideal computer program designed to help parents control the time their children spend playing computer games. Control is made possible by a set of intervals delimiting when a listed game may or may not be played. A time limit for play for each day or even for an entire week can also be set. KidsTime will terminate any program from the "games" list that will attempt to break the rules you set yourself.

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Magic Whiteboard 15% Discount Coupon

Magic Whiteboard

Normally: $19.95

Now only: $16.96

Magic Whiteboard is a colorful network drawing program, designed especially for kids' entertainment. It is known that drawing, as well as playing with toys and making something with hands develops children' s thinking and logic, allows them to develop their brain with the help of motion activity. Magic Whiteboard is a perfect tool developing your children' s abilities. It lets kids express themselves by drawing and is a constant source of fun and joy for the entire family. Magic Whiteboard is designed not only for individual use, but also for collective drawing in a home network. This program can be used in a home PC network with up to 5 computers, so you and your kids can draw pictures all together at the .... read more

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Painter 10% Discount Coupon


Normally: $2.95

Now only: $2.66

Kids Coloring Book allows your kids to color, save and print pictures. Using virtual crayons, and a bright easy to use interface designed for use by all ages! Pictures can be saved to disk, opened from disk and printed in full color to show friends and family!

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The Best Keylogger 40% Discount Coupon

The Best Keylogger

Normally: $49.00

Now only: $29.40

Keylogger ? What does The Best Keylogger monitor? The Best Keylogger logs all keystrokes, mouseclicks, applications, windows, websites, email sent and received, chat conversations, system events, documents printed, file usage and screenshots! The Best Keylogger can also filter to only log specific users, only log specific applications and deny access to applications and websites. The Best Keylogger can activate it self when windows starts and is completely invisible. All logs can be sent to you via mail so you can monitor your computer without being there. The logs are encrypted and can only be viewed with The Best Keylogger after you enter your admin password. There is no better way to have full control of your .... read more

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