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Font Tools Software

BitFontCreator Pro 3 Upgrade 10% Discount Coupon

BitFontCreator Pro 3 Upgrade

Normally: $45.00

Now only: $40.50

BitFontCreator Pro 3 Upgrade - Upgrade from BitFontCreator ver2.x. Attention: To purchase the upgrades from lower version, you MUST have purchased a BitFontCreator license before this order.

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Font 2 DXF and G-Code 25% Discount Coupon

Font 2 DXF and G-Code

Normally: $99.00

Now only: $74.25

Create a text in any installed true type font or a single line font and save the result as dxf file or G-Code file. So you can plot the font to use it for engravings with your NC machine etc. You only enter the text and click on "Save as DXF file...". You can also create stencil fonts. The text will be saved as polygon line information in the DXF file. In version 2.0 a vector font is build in. So now you can not only render the outline of True Type fonts but also single line fonts. Version 3 can output the G-Code for your NC machine directly. And this version can now create arcs not only line segments as output. New: now an Editor for midline fonts is included. So you can design your own single line fonts. You can let .... read more

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FontExpert 2019 10% Discount Coupon

FontExpert 2019

Normally: $59.00

Now only: $53.10

Font Manager - lets you preview and manage both installed and uninstalled typefaces, plus examine your system for font errors. You can display the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples and advanced font properties. Key Features: - View and Preview Fonts - Search For Fonts - Manage Fonts - Organize Fonts - Print Fonts - View Advanced Font Properties - Examine your System for Font Errors - Windows Shell Extensions

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FontSuit 10% Discount Coupon


Normally: $25.00

Now only: $22.50

FontSuit is a powerful Windows font managerl, which allows you easily and quickly group fonts, activate fonts only when you need them. Also, you can conveniently preview fonts and print fonts. 1. Support all popular kinds of fonts 2. Activate or deactivate fonts just by double click 3. Icon show font status 4. Preview font without loading them 5. Print fonts catalog or sample sheet.

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FontTwister 20% Discount Coupon


Normally: $39.00

Now only: $31.20

FontTwister is the fastest and easiest way to create dazzling text effects. FontTwister comes with an impressive selection of templates for graphic styles, color gradients, textures, shapes, letter edges, 3-D bevels, shadows, buttons and frames. Simple intuitive controls let you interactively real-time view and select your desired effect. You can reedit text and effects at any time. The effect generator creates unlimited variations of amazing text effects. Use high impact, anti-aliased text for logos, 2D and 3D headings in letters, presentations, flyers, invitations, cards, faxes, posters, web graphics, labels, banners, buttons, covers. FontTwister supports several popular image formats (.bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif, .wmf). .... read more

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PDF Encrypt COM/SDK 15% Discount Coupon


Normally: $129.00

Now only: $109.65

PDF Encrypt software is a very flexible and powerful program, PDF Encrypt software allows you to encrypt (using standard 40-bit or 128-bit or AES encryption ) existing PDFs, set permissions, add user and owner password.

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PDF to Tiff SDK/COM(10threads) Server License 15% Discount Coupon

PDF to Tiff SDK/COM(10threads) Server License

Normally: $599.00

Now only: $509.15

PDF to tiff Batch Converter is a useful pdf tool, the converter produces fully functional tiff documents with text, pictures, graphics etc, using the original PDF document formatting.

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Typograf font manager 20% Discount Coupon

Typograf font manager

Normally: $35.00

Now only: $28.00

Top class font manager for OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts. Previews all fonts. Displays all font properties (typeface classification, kerning pairs, file data, copyright...). Views character set, keyboard layout, zoom view. Finds similar fonts and compares several fonts tabularly. Prints fonts in many ways. Manages fonts in database and font groups. Font file management functions. Information about typefaces and typography.
Typograf searches fonts and duplicates on your harddrive, CD-ROM' s or DVD' s. Sorting fonts by file, name, family, size, copyright, width,... You can edit the file information (name, copyright) with Typograf. You have favorites and history of viewed directories .... read more

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