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Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW (upgrade) - Save 15%

Category: Illustration

Publisher: Alex Vakulenko

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW (upgrade)

This add-on for CorelDRAW 10+ allows to create calendar layout right in CorelDRAW documents. Choose from over 30 different calendar layout types and customize your calendar with fonts, colors and over 500 other parameters in each layout. Supports unlimited number of languages, capable of displaying fixed and variable date holidays and events on calendar grids as well as calculate lunar phases.
This is the UPGRADE license of Calendar Wizard 4.0 for Calendar Wizard 3.0 users only. Note that Calendar Wizard 3.1 and 3.2 which are bundled with CorelDRAW 11 and 12 are not eligible for this upgrade.

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Coupon Code: VOUC-J46D-LBSD

Normal Price: $25.00

Discounted Price: $21.25

You Save: $3.75

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