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American Hangman - Presidents and States (Mac) - Save 10%

Category: Kids

Publisher: Space-Time Associates

American Hangman - Presidents and States (Mac)

American Hangman is a fun, colorful, soundful, educational word-guessing game based on the simple game of hangman we all played as children. American Hangman features colorful, non-violent graphics, Presidential pictures, State outlines, digitized sounds and synthesized speech. American Hangman is a terrific way to get a headstart on History, Geography and Government. Learn the Presidents, the Vice Presidents, the First Ladies, Terms of Office, Party Affiliations and more. Learn the 50 States, the State Capitals, the State Birds, the State Flowers, the State Trees, the State Nicknames and much more. American Hangman is truly fun for all ages. The game that everyone already knows how to play.

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